Showings and Offers

Now that your home has been listed and marketed, qualified buyers will request showings- either through their own agent or by reaching out to your agent from a marketing piece. Your agent will be able to communicate and organize showings with you, and allow buyers and their agents proper access to your home.  You will want to ensure your home is clean and welcoming and allows buyers to imagine themselves as your home's future owner.  Your agent should follow up with showings and be able to provide you with feedback from the buyers viewing your home. 

With showings comes offers! Hopefully you will receive a few different offers from different buyers and be able to choose which best fits what you are looking for. It'll be important that your agent presents all offers and terms, including price, closing date, and any extras the buyers may ask for, including the purchase of a home warranty or asking seller to pay buyer's closing costs. 

If needed, your agent can put together a counter offer and negotiate with the buyer to make terms agreeable for both parties. Once an agreement is met, and both buyer and seller accept, your home will be under contract and closer to closing!